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Allison may have stolen Kirk’s last name on October 6th, 2018, but she stole his heart many years ago. Their love story has layers and years to it, some including long distance to their relationship, and a big move back to Indiana, but now their biggest adventure has finally begun! The Sundstroms wed last Saturday at Saint Simon the Apostle Church in the afternoon, and their reception took place at the Ritz Charles in Carmel. It was a hot October day, thanks to Indiana weather, and it was packed with lots to do before the party could really begin!

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Wedding Reception: Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion

I met up with Allie and her bridesmaids at Pro Soto Salon to help steam dresses and deliver their morning coffee. Allison, from the minute I saw her, was smiling from ear to ear and very calm. You can’t help but smile when you are around her; she’s just one of those people that sees sunshine in about everything! She had her “go with the flow” attitude on which is always how we want our brides to feel on their wedding day! After getting the dresses ready, I picked up a catering order for everyone and headed to the church to drop things off. Christine met with me there and delivered balloons for the send-off at the end of the ceremony, and then it was time to drive to the reception venue to help with set up. Sidenote: This was my first ever wedding to work by myself, and I was so lucky to have had Christine’s training for this day. I felt so confident and ready for anything that were to come my way as the lead coordinator…thank you, Christine! The Ritz Charles is a venue that doesn’t need much décor, if at all, for receptions. The glass house that Allie and Kirk decided on was truly stunning. Allie’s taste in simple colors and flowers added to the venue perfectly. It was a hot day for setup, but with the help of the staff at the Ritz, I was able to finish everything I needed on time before heading back to make sure everyone was ready for the big walk down the aisle! Pictures were being taken when I arrived back, and while I missed the bride and groom’s first look, I caught a glimpse of Kirk watching Allie while she was getting her pictures taken. Kirk mirrored Allie in the same demeanor that day; calm, joyful, excited and confident. He had this precious schoolboy smile on while he was watching her laugh with her bridesmaids, or almost get blown away by the wind that afternoon…he was clearly in awe of his bride. The bridesmaids and Allie prepped their windblown hair and flowers before it was time to walk down the aisle. The sweetest flower girl and Allie and Kirk’s adorable nephew led the way before it was time for the bride to make her appearance. Allie’s father stood proudly next to her as he gave his last daughter away, and the ceremony was just as perfect as the rest of the day had been. The Sundstrom name was officially stolen, and it was time for the unique send off! They left the church hand in hand while everyone blew bubbles and sent off balloons, and they hopped into a Chevrolet Camero. But not just any old Camero, this was an official Pace Car from the Indy 500 from 1969! Allison was a 500 Festival Queen, and to make a long story short, let’s just say they stumbled upon luck one day and found the sweetest couple who owned this car. If you know Allie and Kirk and haven’t heard the full story, please ask them…it’s pretty special! The couple that owned the car and allowed them to use it for that moment actually even attended the wedding and reception; they wanted to be a part of their day and I hope that they always keep in touch. The guests started making their way to the Ritz, and I finished some final setup before the bridal party arrived on their trolley! The introductions, cake cutting, speeches, first dances…it all flew by and open dance floor had finally started! A tiny bit of rain had come through making for some fun rainbow picture opportunities, and the night had cooled off for everyone to dance and have a great time. Shoes came off (even Kirk and his Mom enjoyed their first dance sans shoes), cocktails were poured, and the DJ had a playlist going that had everyone out dancing! As I stood there on this evening, looking around at 200 people that had come to celebrate these two very special people, I also felt special. Special to hear heartfelt speeches, be a part of some of the most important memories and moments in these peoples’ lives, and watch everyone celebrate the joy that Allie and Kirk brought to them. It was an honor, Kirk and Allie, for Christine and I to work with you. You’ve had quite the love story, and it definitely felt like I was in the middle of a fairytale on your wedding day. Cheers to the Sundstroms!

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