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Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Have you ever met a prince and princess in real life? Well, neither have I, but meeting Emily and Austin was as close as I think I will ever get. Last Saturday, I walked into the Milltop Banquet and Conference Center and when I arrived in the bridal suite, you would have thought I was a long-lost friend of Emily’s. We greeted each other with big hugs and congratulations, and throughout the whole day, I honestly felt as if I had made a new best friend. Emily and Austin are about the sweetest people on the planet, and I’m so happy they found one another. Emily and her bridesmaids were enjoying a calm morning in the rooftop bridal suite, and Austin and his groomsmen also got to enjoy football and lunch in the “man cave” suite provided in this venue. Christine and I were joined by Robin, a new assistant to Christine Kingery Events. It was wonderful to have a third helping hand that day, and Robin is always willing to go above and beyond for anything that anyone needs! As I steamed bridesmaid dresses and scarves, Christine and Robin helped to place final touches in the reception venue. The Milltop Center has three stories, and it was so nice to have everything in one spot. Setting up the ceremony and reception areas can be tricky when you have to drive to different locations, so we appreciated only having to walk up and down stairs during setup!     Emily and Austin were both the epitome of relaxed throughout the day. As Emily had her final touches done on her makeup, flowers placed in her hair, and began stepping into her dress…that’s when she looked at us and said, “Oh, I’m having these fluttery feelings!!! This is happening!” (Honestly…Emily, you are too cute for your own good!) She revealed herself to her bridesmaids and as everyone admired how stunning she was, she also, at the last minute, took a poll to see if she should wear a little lace cover for the ceremony. Many brides don’t leave dress decisions up to bridesmaids or do last minute big decisions, but Emily just went about it all like it was a normal day, with normal decisions! She decided to wear the cover for the ceremony only, but she chose to not wear it for her first look with Austin or during the reception. I had two favorite moments from this wedding, and one was during the first look. Emily walked up to Austin in the room they were soon to be wed in, and as he turned around to see her for the first time, all he could say was “Wow.” Which, if anyone saw Emily that day…that’s what everyone said; she was breathtaking. Then he looked at the photographer and followed with asking, “Can I kiss her now?” It was a perfect moment, and I cannot wait to see the pictures the photographer captured from it. They had time to take pictures by themselves and with the bridal party before guests began arriving which saved on lots of time after the wedding. Christine and Robin grabbed the bridal party and got them ready to walk down the aisle, and I stayed with Emily and her Dad. As I buttoned the lace cover for her dress, put in her veil, and gave her a final five minute countdown until her walk down the aisle was near, she was calm and collected. Her bridal song began and she was escorted up a staircase by her sweet father, who was beaming with pride. The ceremony room had simple décor of rose petals, candles, and string lighting. The exposed brick backdrop was something Austin and Emily really wanted in a venue, and it was perfect. I mentioned I had two favorite moments, and the second occurred during the ceremony. Austin and Emily chose to do a wine unity during their ceremony. I’ve heard of this, but never seen it done, or had a bride and groom choose to do one. They had wine poured into a glass that sat on the table, and in a box included a bottle of wine and notes written to one another that they could open on their one year anniversary. As a part of the ceremony, they were told to take a drink of wine each to solidify the unity. Austin took a drink, Emily took a drink…and then the pastor asked, “Well aren’t you going to finish it?” Everyone in the room was laughing as Austin took another drink, then Emily, and then Austin with the final swig. To see a couple so relaxed and just having fun throughout their ceremony was a joy to watch, and something I will always remember. They sealed their vows with a kiss, and went off for some time to themselves before entering into the reception. Their reception was just as charming as the ceremony room. Wooden beams, lighting, and rustic centerpieces made it feel warm and romantic. They had a dessert table that included a small wedding cake for the bride and groom, dozens of cupcakes, and even a donut wall! Guests were given koozies for their drinks as favors, and everyone dined on appetizers before dinner was served. Emily and Austin were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Miller, and the celebrations continued throughout the night. Robin, Christine and I left after watching the traditional first dances, and we left knowing that everyone would dance the night away and celebrate the new couple. As I began collecting my thoughts for this post, I thought about the speech given by Emily’s Maid of Honor. She mentioned something in it about Emily’s huge heart finding a match with Austin’s big laugh. She couldn’t have noted a comparison better; they are two joyful people who I know were meant to be together. We were lucky enough to be a small piece of their day, and for that, I am thankful. Mr. and Mrs. Miller, we just adore you. Your wedding day went flawlessly, and you two make one special (and beautiful!) couple. That big heart and big laugh will take you through the good and hard times ahead in your marriage, and there aren’t two people more perfect for each other than you! Congratulations!!!

Venue - The Mill Top

Photographer - Katy Davis

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