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This past Friday, July 20th, 2018, a Miss Treadway became a Mrs. Chandler just in time for a new school year to begin! Megan Treadway and David Chandler tied the knot at St. Luke Catholic Church. The venue is not just a place where the bride and groom chose to get married, but it is also the place where Megan teaches. As Christine and I helped throughout the rehearsal and wedding day, it was clear that Megan was a teacher; everything was organized, detailed, and planned in the perfect way!

The bridal party began their morning at the Meridian Hills Country Club, where the reception would be later in the evening. While Christine and I steamed dresses, the bride and bridesmaids enjoyed sipping on their Starbucks while getting their makeup and hair done. Megan, being the planner that she is (which made our jobs a breeze!!), knew that the day was supposed to be rainy. While she was getting ready for the big day, she decided to call on her photographer to come a bit early to see if they could squeeze in pictures before the storm hit. Thankfully, her photographer agreed, and was scheduled to arrive early. Megan slipped into her beautiful gown and was ready for pictures. A fun memory of this wedding was watching her being photographed while women to the side of us were intensely playing Bridge in the background and drinking their afternoon tea. How lucky were they to witness such a stunning bride on the best day of her life?! Megan then stepped out front to do a first look with David. His reaction was something out of a movie; his mouth literally dropped, and he really couldn’t even speak. It was such a sweet moment, and I hope that Megan never forgets the way he looked at her when he saw her for the first time and throughout the day. They began group pictures on the golf course at the Meridian Hills Country Club, and the rain didn’t get in the way of a single picture!

After a morning and afternoon at the country club, it was time to head to the church for the ceremony. The bridal party took a trolley to the church, and quickly got into hiding before the guests began to arrive. The pews were filled, flowers set up, candles were glowing, and music played as the ceremony began. Speaking of the flowers, they were all completely done by Megan’s Mother-in-law. She arranged the bouquets, the ceremony flowers, the centerpieces at the reception, and even little décor pieces throughout…she had been a busy woman, that’s for sure! (Just wait until you see the pictures…the flowers were stunning!)

The pews were filled with their closest friends and family, but the third pew also held 10 of Megan’s students. As they entered the church, their sweet smiles showed how excited they were to be there for Miss Treadway’s big day. They not only attended the ceremony, but also were a part of it during the Mary Dedication. “You may kiss your bride” ended the full mass ceremony, and they were greeted outside with bubbles before heading back to the country club.

The cocktail hour quickly began and led into a beautiful dinner in the ballroom. Heartfelt toasts were given by family members and friends, first dances were danced, huge family photos taken (Megan is the youngest of 25 cousins), and everyone was thrilled to celebrate the bride and groom. They sure put on a good party! Megan’s uncle even served as the DJ for the evening! Megan and David were all smiles and we loved watching David spin her all around the dance floor.

Jerry Maguire’s infamous line, “You complete me,” was mentioned during their mass. It’s no doubt that these two complete one another! The best is yet to come, Megan and David, and it was our honor to be a part of your beautiful day!!! Cheers to the Chandlers!

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