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Rain on your wedding day is an old wives tale said to bring good luck to a marriage. The knot in “tying the knot” becomes wet and then is harder to break, thus making the marriage stronger. Well, with the amount of rain that poured on September 8th, Azhuree and Joe will have the strongest marriage ever! Christine and I had the pleasure of spending the day with this couple to make sure that their wedding day was nothing short of perfect. However, Christine worked with the bride and groom for an entire year with the planning process. All of the hard work paid off because when it came time for wedding day, everything was set and ready to go! The ceremony and reception both took place at The Mavris in downtown Indianapolis. This is a venue that many brides seek out, and if you’ve ever attended a wedding there, you know why! It’s a beautiful venue, but there are just so many possibilities of how you can get married there! They also have two different suites for the bride and groom to get ready in, which Joe and Azhuree loved hosting their bridal party in. The ceremony was to begin in the late afternoon, so everyone was there to get ready pretty early. While the girls had their hair and makeup done, the boys caught a quick lunch before they began getting ready.  All of the bridesmaids wore light grey dresses which they chose in their own style of gown, and Azhuree’s dress was romantic and unique. It completely fit her personality and was a perfect choice for their venue. The florist arrived with flowers that looked like they had been picked right out of a magazine, and she also spent the afternoon constructing a floral arrangement that hung in the ceremony room on the third floor of The Mavris. Azhuree and Joe chose to see each other before the ceremony, and they shared an emotional moment together before beginning some pictures. When you see Azhuree and Joe together, it’s clear that she looks to him as her hero; there’s no doubt that he is everything to her. Joe, well when he looks at her and speaks of her, she is his beloved. He would move the moon and stars for her, and watching that kind of love throughout the day, and especially in some emotional moments was refreshing and tear jerking (and yes, our brides and grooms always make us cry!) Over 200 people filled the third floor to witness the “I do’s.” I always tell the bride and groom that throughout their evening, to try to get away and then find a view to just look at all of the people who showed up for them. It’s an overwhelming feeling to look around at all of those who traveled, found babysitters, took off work, whatever it may be…they all took time to be there for the best day of your life! You can’t feel love that way very often, but in that kind of moment, it’s there! It was a short and sweet ceremony officiated by their friend. Azhuree and Joe displayed a sign that asked all of their guests to have their cell phones put away for the ceremony. This is something if a bride ever asks us our advice on, I would say…DO IT!! It was so nice to see everyone sitting and just being present within the ceremony instead of trying to take a bunch of pictures throughout.  Cocktail hour began as the bridal party took more pictures, and then it was time for the reception to begin. The 2nd floor opened and all tables were set for dinner. The traditional cake cutting and speeches were completed, dinner was delicious, and cake was served while the first dances were danced. The evening flew past, and everyone returned to the first floor to dance the night away! Cocktails were continued to be served, a photo booth was set up (that Christine and I got to try out, too!) and the DJ turned up the volume for the dancing to begin! It was a flawless day and night, and even though the bride and groom were wearing new jewelry on their left hands, the smiles on their faces were what was the most noticeable!

Joe and Azhuree, even though you did have more rain on your wedding day than we could have ever dreamed…you don’t need good luck from any old wives tale! Your “knot” will always be unbreakable, and we can’t wait to see where your journey takes the two of you as husband and wife. We couldn’t be happier for you, and felt so honored to be a part of your wedding day!

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