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After Claire and Jeff’s ceremony, a guest started chatting with me about this lovely bride and groom. He asked, “What would be three words you would use to describe them?” Heartfelt. Easy. Fun. Read on, and I bet you’ll agree with me as to why I chose those three words.

Christine and I didn’t have the chance to meet with Claire and Jeff until the day of their wedding rehearsal. Christine and Claire held all of their planning meetings on the phone because Claire and Jeff reside in Boston. When we met with them on rehearsal day it was as if we had known them for years. They both were calm and collected as they walked through their venue, Laurel Hall, deciding where last minute décor would go and how the evening would flow. This pair worked tirelessly over their engagement to find the perfect DJ, caterer, and floral designs that worked well for them…which made our job insanely easy! Claire even found this unique site where she could order her flowers on her own without the use of a florist. She had the help of family and friends to create her flower arrangements, but she made the boutonnieres and her own bouquet! (If you are a bride-to-be and reading this…go check out!!) The creativity doesn’t stop there… Claire and Jeff also decided on a “cheese” cake instead of a traditional wedding cake. They aren’t big into sweets, so their cake was made out of different kinds of cheeses! And you guessed it…instead of cutting a piece of cake at their reception, they got to “cut the cheese!” Claire works for a company who produces 3D designs, so their cake topper was a 3D design of the two of them, and all of the vases that held the flowers were also made by her! Can you understand now why I used the word “fun” to describe these two? Since these two were from out of town, they decided to have a welcome party the Friday night before their wedding. There wasn’t a bridal party, so instead of having a traditional rehearsal, they decided to meet all of their invited guests at the Gazebo of Carmel for some early celebrations! Christine and I helped set up and then left them to their pizza food truck, outdoor games, and cocktails. It was a beautiful evening to begin their wedding weekend!

We met with Claire at Ironworks the next day to deliver some lunch and pick up her gown to take back to Laurel Hall. Claire had spent the morning doing some Pilates in her hotel room with some of her closest friends. She was so beautiful that morning… all smiles, all glowy, all calm…all in love. We headed back to Laurel Hall to deliver her dress and finish set up of the reception dining hall. If you haven’t attended a wedding at this venue, or heard of it, it’s worth a google search! Classic, elegant, unique…we would definitely recommend this venue to any bride! Claire and Jeff did decide on a first look and Christine and I were lucky enough to witness the sweet moment between the two. They escaped for a while to get their pictures taken before it was time to hide away while the guests entered. Everyone began walking outside and down the beautiful stairs to take their seats for the outdoor ceremony that Claire had wished for (the rain held off, thank goodness!) The bride, in her stunning lace gown, walked down the aisle to her groom where they shared vows they had both written themselves. Jeff stunned everyone with his thoughtful vows in that he chose a word for each letter in Claire’s name and then described how he would vow to honor it throughout their marriage. (For example, the R was for “respect”). Their officiant was one of their best friends, and he had the honor of pronouncing them as husband and wife!

Cocktail hour was held outside and Jeff and Claire were able to visit with their closest 85 friends and family until it was time for dinner to be served. Dinner was held in a cozy room where thoughtful toasts, lots of laughs, and delicious food were shared. Afterwards, the dance floor opened in a separate room and everyone was ready to start the party. Their “cheese” cake had been cut so that guests could enjoy cheese and crackers, and they also brought in artisan popsicles made by a family friend. Christine and I had some fun serving those out of the popsicle stand…we wear lots of different hats on wedding days!! The wedding fun didn’t stop on the dance floor or when the last popsicle was served; on Sunday, there was a final pool party to say some goodbyes and relive the beautiful moments from the weekend.

Claire and Jeff, while your wedding day was of course about you, you two made it feel like you were throwing this huge party for everyone else. You both have hearts of gold, and I can’t tell you how many times Christine and I said “They are just the best!” You made our job so easy, but you made it so fun. We loved meeting your families, your guests, and getting to know the both of you. We were so sad when Sunday came and all the celebrations were complete!  You two have had lots of adventures throughout the world, but we know that your marriage will be the greatest one yet!

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